Classroom teachers' curriculum literacy levels (Case of Bozdoğan district)

In this study, it is aimed to examine the curriculum literacy levels of classroom teachers. according to different variables. The participants of the research consists of 102 classroom teachers working in Bozdoğan district of Aydın in the spring semester of 2021-2022. In this descriptive survey model a 29-item scale was used as the Google form. The scale consists of two sub-dimensions that measure the levels of curriculum literacy. In the analysis of the obtained data, data analysis program was used. When the research findings are examined, it is seen that there is no significant difference in the literacy perceptions of classroom teachers in general and that there are small differences when the literacy perception levels of the curriculum are examined according to the variables. Although there are small differences between the variables of work, gender, place, institution of graduate, professional decency of teachers who have received postgraduate education and are involved in the development of any course curriculum, and access to the curriculum of different courses, there is no significant difference in terms of literacy perception levels in general. no difference was found.


Curriculum literacy, classroom teacher, curriculum