Investigation of the Relationship Between Computer Game Addiction and Attitudes Towards Reading of Primary School Fourth-Grade Students

This research aims to predict the relationship between fourth-grade primary school students' computer game addiction and their attitudes towards reading. The sample of the research consists of 604 fourth-grade students from four primary schools in the central districts of Balıkesir province in the 2019-2020 academic year, who were selected by an easy sampling method and participated voluntarily. In the research, "Computer Game Addiction Scale for Children" developed by Horzum et al. (2008), "Attitude towards Reading Scale" developed by Susar-Kırmizi (2006), and a personal information form prepared by scanning the relevant literature were used as data collection tools. The correlational research method, one of the relational screening models, was used in this study. The analysis of the obtained data was carried out using the SPSS 22.0 package program and the level of significance was taken as .05. As a result of the research, it was seen that the students participating in the study had a high level of attitude towards reading and a low level of computer game addiction. As a result of the Spearman Correlation Analysis conducted to determine the level of relationship between students' computer game addiction and their attitudes towards reading, it is seen that there is an inverse linear relationship between the scores of the students from both scales. Although it was not among the sub-problems of the research, when the findings obtained with the support of the personal information form were examined, it was found that the level of attitude towards the reading of female students was higher than that of male students. Considering the gender variable, the relationship between students' computer game addiction levels and their attitudes towards reading was also examined. Accordingly, it is seen that male students have higher levels of computer game addiction than female students, and female students' attitudes towards reading are higher than male students.


attitude towards reading, computer game addiction, primary school, fourth grade students.