In this study, it is aimed to get the opinions of school administrators about organizational culture in schools. In accordance with the determined research topic, the phenomenology research method, which is an approach against the dominance of positivist philosophy in science, was used. The study group of the research consisted of school administrators working in schools in Ankara in the 2013-2014 academic year. Within the scope of the research on organizational culture, interview forms were applied to a total of ten school administrators, five of whom work in primary school, three in middle school and two in high school, whose terms of office vary between 10 and 18 years in the selected schools. In the analysis of the data obtained from the interviews, all data were read once in order to perceive the whole. In order to reveal the perception towards the phenomenon, all data were read once again. Then, meaningful units were formed, and their psychological meanings were revealed by transforming these meaningful units. Then, a profile was created for each school administrator and the structure of the phenomenon was revealed by synthesizing meaningful units. The findings section is also shaped in this direction. The results, depending on the statements of the school administrators, are as follows; Most administrators see organizational culture as values belonging to the organization. Administrators think that a properly developed organizational culture will make positive contributions to the administrators. It is thought that the effect of informal communication on school management can include both positive and negative aspects. In the formation of organizational culture, it is thought that effective communication from the internal factors, and as the external effect the interaction of the culture of the region where the institution is located, and the organizational culture mainly contribute. Theresearch is essential in terms of determining and evaluating school administrators' views on organizational culture and presenting necessary suggestions in line with the results to be obtained.


Organizationculture, school, education, school administrator